Because we care about women.

Working in Spanish Institute is part of a large family, where the most respected all our staff, 95% women. Work and family life with a favorable schedule to reconcile it all year until 15 hours. We are a different company with a plural structure, avoiding as far as possible hierarchies. Giving each person the responsibility of his job and the proper development of its functions. This model enhances individual capacities, benefiting teamwork.


We work with non-profit associations.

Because hygiene is a basic need that we should all have access, and avoid health problems, we like to put our two cents. We help large organizations such as the Food Bank Sevilla or New Future, plus associations and local residences. For any manual work manipulated, such as envelopes samples collaborate with Merlin the Magician Association, located in Hinojos, which is responsible for dealing with all those mental, motor and sensory disorders and learning difficulties.


Aware with our environment.

We are located in Doñana, so take care of our environment is paramount. Our manufacturing respects no emission of waste in any manufacturing process, like recycle all the materials we use.