Logo IEspañolInstituto Español S.A., was founded in 1903 in the tradition of fine European perfumery since the beginning of its activity, produces perfume and cosmetics. It’s been other brands and have lasted for years, are a clear example Drops Gold or Gold Amphora, most current line Air from Sevilla, known colonies and used from generation to generation, and missing come …Regarding the personal care we are proud of, among others, our Bath & Shower Gels large format classic lines as Aloe Vera or Oats, or more recently as Urea or Atopic Skin line. With a great innovation in the latter with the Inner Atopic Skin Gel, a gel dermatological tested both as a gynecological.A company with over 100 years of experience, dynamic and young like the first day, where work is to be part of a team. More than 100 direct jobs, always focused on locating industry news for the company to progress with the market. Evolution is the key word that we adapt to changing times and trends. Youth with hundred years of experience.

Instituto Español cares for sustainable growth in business because business environment and can coexist. We are located in an enclave as Doñana, so it does not contemplate the issue of waste, always respecting the environment in our manufacturing, filling and packaging. A clear example is that we do not produce aerosols, our roll-on deodorants are without alcohol, which help maintain healthy skin without irritation while respecting the environment without damaging the ozone layer. Likewise respect life, making sure not to test on animals, nor buy raw materials to do so.

Life balance is key to a family member gets along, and Instituto Español try it that way. We have women in more than 90% of our workforce, which supports us in our decision.